The Sharing Circle is coming to its end soon.  The participants share daily recaps via Arctic PASSION Instagram channel or Facebook page.

Some of the highlights of the Sharing Circle are shared in the daily recaps by Jessica Hall (on the left), Emma Bullock,  Conor Savage, Lauren Clavelle and Fabian Seemann. Photos by Olivia Rempel / GRID-Arendal. 

Organizing the event in Sevettijärvi and Inari has provided the participants an opportunity to understand the unique nature of the Sámi region and the restoration efforts of the Arctic PASSION partner Snowchange cooperative, and allowed  the participants to listen and to have meaningful conversations with the members of the Skolt Sámi community. Read more in the daily recaps by the participants. 

 Pauliina Feodoroff (on the right), a Skolt Sámi member of Snowchange Cooperative sharing her knowledge with the participants by the fireside.  Photo by Olivia Rempel / GRID-Arendal.

The group admiring Northern lights in Sevettijärvi at the end of the day. Photo by Olivia Rempel / GRID-Arendal.