Photo: Jessica Louise Hall

A rigorous review process involving 31 reviewers from various Arctic-focused EU projects has selected 18 Arctic youth and early career professionals from 89 applicants for the Arctic PASSION Sharing Circle. Jessica is one of them, and here is a little more about her and her background, as written by Jessica. 

"Hi, I am Jessica. I come from England but have lived in Norway for a few years now. I live in a forest outside of Oslo. I have a background in Comparative Literature and Indigenous poetry. I am now researching Indigenous ecological restoration of land, specifically land which has been stolen for nuclear testing.

I am incredibly excited to learn more about Indigenous-led ecological restoration sites and to better understand what is needed to support this work. Additionally, I am really interested in braided knowledge systems and co-management structures within ecological restoration and think this opportunity will be a great place to learn more." - Jessica Louise Hall