Leads: Michael Karcher, Alfred Wegener Institute and Jeremy Wilkinson, British Antarctic Survey
Winter View from Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, Finland.Photographer: Peter Prokosch

The main goal of this work package is to achieve a sustained and accessible Arctic observing system by uniting the inter-linked achievements of all Arctic PASSION. It shall provide the structure that will allow these achievements to bond together and contribute to the long-term viability and relevance of the pan-AOSS, using observations from science and other forms of knowledge, for the benefit of the people living in the Arctic and elsewhere.


To achieve our objective, we must ensure synthesis and integration across the wide range of themes and sectors that form Arctic PASSION. This must crucially be done in a co-creative approach to lead to a better coordinated output of national and international Arctic observation and knowledge systems and distributed expertise. We will use the project outcomes to demonstrate how a pan-AOSS can be designed and implemented to best address the major challenges that lie ahead - climate change, socio-economic crises, health and education inequities, and the need for sustainable development to benefit all people, in all places, of all cultures and all genders. Our actions will support decision making by reliable and user-driven information production from the pan-AOSS.

Specifically, we aim to deliver the following:

  • Support the Sustained Arctic Observing Network SAON This will be led by Partner AMAP, and the objective is to provide support to SAON to achieve the status of a GEO Initiative.
  • Combine scientific, technical, and organisational aspects to deliver a useful and efficient Arctic Observing and Data System This will be led by Partner NPI and the objective for this task is to maximise the complementary potential of in-situ and satellite-based science, CBM, IK and LK in a pan-AOSS, and identify the necessary steps needed to develop a roadmap for the further progress.
  • Strengthen European Capabilities and visibility in the delivery of Arctic data This will be led by Partner FMI and the objective is to ensure the visibility of, and easy accessibility to, Copernicus services as a useful data source for Arctic observing needs.
  • Advance the gender dimension of an Arctic Observing System This will be led by Partner WoA and the objective is to better respond to the full diversity of data providers and user-needs, and how these can be taken up in the design, implementation, and the use of the pan-AOSS, its tailored products and services.
  • Deliver a more useful Arctic Observing systems of systems for Arctic and European societies This will be led by Partner AWI and the objective is to summarize the lessons learned from knowledge holders, stakeholders and end-users to provide a roadmap that demonstrates how their needs can be translated into sustained observations of a pan-AOSS that is useful, flexible and efficient, and that is embedded into the European and international observing structures.
  • Plan for the legacy of Arctic PASSION’s products This will be led by Partner EPB and the objective for this task is to examine all Arctic PASSION outputs and provide recommendations for their continued impact far beyond the project’s duration.

A key element to ensure the quality of outputs and the Arctic PASSION legacy is rooted in our cross-sectoral and integrative approach. Towards these goals, we will establish a mechanism where project developments and implementations of these are subject to continued review by and feedback from co-creators and stakeholders.

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