From Changing Polar Regions To Policy Responses - Strengthening Eu And Global Climate Preparedness

by Sabrina Heerema | Published: 22-Jan-24 | Last updated: 22-Jan-24 | Tags : climate EU event Polar policy | category: EVENT

On January 24th 2024 the European Polar Board with assistance from the European Parliament Intergroup European Bureau for Conservation and Development (EBCD) on behalf of the EU funded projects OCEAN:ICE and Arctic PASSION hosted a hybrid event at the European Parliament to showcase the latest findings on how changes in the polar regions impact European climate, infrastructure and livelihoods.

A policy brief 'The Changing Poles: how Antarctic and Arctic science helps to inform and prepare the EU for changes in sea level rise and the global climate' can be found here.

The associated policy briefing has provided an open forum for influential Europeans to enter into a dialogue with key European polar scientists. The session has demonstrated the dramatic climate-driven changes that are occurring in polar regions, along with their global impact. It has also provided evidence of how an inclusive, sustained observing system can inform ambitious mitigation and adaptation efforts.

The policy briefing was recorded and you can read the event report here.