The new Arctic services developed by Arctic PASSION were demonstrated at an innovation exhibition in Sajos Cultural Center, Aanaar. Photo: Ville-Riikke Fofonoff

The 2024 Arctic PASSION General Assembly in Inari/Aanaar, Finland held an innovation exhibition to showcase new Arctic services which have been developed, including: 

  • Event Database of Community-Based Monitoring Using Oral Histories, Indigenous Knowledge and Local Knowledge: This is a hub of knowledge from six different Arctic Indigenous Peoples' Communities, presented on the web portal and in storymap form. Please look at each on the Snowchange website. 

A video promoting the Skolt Sámi Climate Events Database


Guido Grosse discusses the importance of monitoring permafrost thaw in the Arctic (L) and Arctic PASSION's Permafrost service (R)

The lead developers and teams working on each service stood at a stand displaying information about and giving live demonstrations of their service in the Sajos lobby, as well as answering questions from the interested public.