New Fact Sheet On The Eu’S Role In The Arctic

by Pia Burkhardt | Published: 20-Sep-22 | Last updated: 14-Sep-22 | Tags : Arctic EU | category: NEWS

Did you ever want to know which role the EU plays in the Arctic? Which measures it promotes and by which goals and strategies they are driven? Which influence it could have on your own research possibilities?

The EU has been actively involved in the Arctic Science Ministerial Meetings since 2016. The European Commission, Finland and Germany co-hosted the second Arctic Science Ministerial in 2018. Photo by Volker Rachold.

The German Arctic Office’s new fact sheet on the EU’s role in the Arctic answers all these questions. At first, it will give you an overview of the EU’s past involvement in the Arctic, before summarizing the eight main points of its new Arctic Policy from 2021 including the EU’s relations with the Arctic states, its efforts to counter environmental destruction caused by climate change and its strategies towards the diminishing permafrost and the reduction of black carbon in the Arctic. Finally, it will provide you with an extensive overview over the EU’s projects focused on fostering scientific research in the Arctic including Arctic PASSION.

After reading this fact sheet, you will have gained a better understanding of the EU’s engagement in the Arctic – and maybe you’ll even stumble upon a project you’d like to work with.

Check out the Fact Sheet at the German Arctic Office’s website.

To discover the sources used for compiling this Fact Sheet.

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The German Arctic Office is co-leading Arctic PASSION’s work of connecting thePan-AOSS to society through communication, dissemination and engagement.