Monitoring Environmental Changes In Tahltan Territory

by Sabrina Heerema | Published: 01-Dec-22 | Last updated: 22-Nov-22 | Tags : Arctic indigenous partners | category: NEWS

Tero Mustonen, President of Snowchange Cooperative and Aslak Holmberg, President of the Saami Council, met with Curtis Rattray, an Indigenous leader from the Tahltan Nation and TWILD's co-lead for community-led environmental monitoring to check out the feasibility of setting up a field monitoring camp in the Tuya Mountain area. They wanted to fly into Upper Tuya Lake in the alpine, but because of the low clouds landed at Tuya Lake instead.  Tuya Lake is a remote, sub-Alpine Lake in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

The trip confirmed the importance of the area and the plan is for TWILD to set up the field monitoring camp at Upper Tuya Lake, the junction of 3 watersheds.  TWILD are searching for historic water data to create a background report that supports the need for a field monitoring camp, where they will collect baseline data to monitor water quality, wildlife, shifts in plant distribution, glaciers, ice, snow fields and shoreline, and disturbance mapping. This will be one of Arctic PASSION's monitoring sites to discuss the warming-induced changes that have been observed in the community.

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