Good Advice On The Co-Production Of Knowledge

by Sabrina Heerema | Published: 19-Jan-23 | Last updated: 10-Jan-23 | Tags : Arctic | category: NEWS

Margaret Rudolf joined a panel of Arctic PASSION experts in a session ‘Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems - Shared Arctic Variables’ at the Arctic Circle Assembly 2022 in Reykjavik, Iceland together with the project's scientific coordinator, Michael Karcher. She also sat for an interview with us in June 2022 during the Arctic PASSION General Assembly in Helsingør, and spoke about the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems (ROADS) initiative; centering Indigenous people in the co-production of knowledge and engaging Indigenous leaders in the communication with policymakers; and Shared Arctic Variables. Listen to her full interview here. 

Margaret is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. candidate within the Natural Resources and Environment at University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Her doctoral dissertation research is on co-production of knowledge with Alaska Native communities on climate change research. She is partially funded through Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy to study evaluation and metrics of success along with the roles of boundary spanners. She is also partially funded through the Arctic PASSION sister project RNA CoObs (Research Networking Activities for Sustained Coordinated Observations of Arctic Change) to be one of three Indigenous liaisons for the Food Sovereignty Working Group, focused on improving Arctic observing with SAON ROADS