Learning From The Sharing Circle: Reflections On An Arctic Passion Event

by Josefine Lenz | Published: 19-Feb-24 | Last updated: 19-Feb-24 | Tags : event sharingcircle | category: EVENT

Photo GRID-Arendal/Olivia Rempel, Design GRID Arendal/APECS

In Autumn 2023, an APECS & Arctic PASSION Sharing Circle gathered a group of early career professionals and Arctic youth in the homelands of the Sámi, in Northern Finland. What have we learned from this event? Did we achieve our goal to foster dialogue and open new perspectives on Arctic intercultural collaborations and co-management? How can this experience be used for future educational efforts?

Join us and our 4 panelists to discuss learnings from the Sharing Circle!

18 March 2024, 4pm GMT

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Panelists and participants of the Sharing Circle:

  • Elise Brown-Dussault (Canada)
  • Jessica Hall (Norway)
  • Pavel Tkach (Finland)
  • Harmony Wayner (USA)

Moderation: Lisa Grosfeld and Josefine Lenz (APECS, AWI)