Get Introduced To The Lake Ice Service And Give Us Feedback!

by Oda Mulelid | Published: 07-Dec-22 | Last updated: 25-Nov-22 | Tags : Arctic ice Lake webinar | category: NEWS

On November 10th, 2022 speakers Kirsikka Heinilä (Senior research scientist at the Finnish Environment Institute/Arctic PASSION) and Timo Pyhälahti (Senior expert at the Finish Environment Institute/Arctic PASSION ) beautifully presented the newly developed Lake Ice Service at the Arctic PASSION coordinated webinar. The speakers gave valuable information on the Lake Ice Service; what it is, why it is important and how we can use it. 

Kirsikka opened the webinar by giving an overview of the Lake Ice Service followed by a presentation on crowdsourcing by Timo. The webinar was concluded with a round of questions and discussion of the next steps for the Lake Ice Service. 

The Lake Ice Service will be further extended and co-designed in cooperation with users. Feedback from users are highly appreciated and welcomed through the online form or contact: or

The webinar was moderated by Lisa Grosfeld (Project Manager at APECS and the Alfred Wegener Institute/Arctic PASSION)