Arctic PASSION is developing an Integrated Fire Risk Management tool (INFRA), a service to address the challenges of communities, municipalities, small organizations, and individuals living in the Arctic that are affected by wildfires. 

The INFRA service aims to compact and simplify access to relevant information and products which stem from diverse sources. Most importantly, it makes it possible to manage, integrate, select and transform such sets of information into a tailored product that is useful for the respective users. IINFRA  is based on several modules and IT platforms, the most important being:

  1. INFRA-AEGIS – A web-GIS platform through which it is possible to present, combine and integrate all the informational layers produced by INFRA, or collected from many other sources and services
  2. INFRA-SENTRY - A platform through which to distribute information and messages to users that can be easily adapted to specific needs

The novelty of the INFRA service lies in the attention to the local scale, and in having developed tools suitable for generating messages that are tailored to the category of users you intend to reach. INFRA-AEGIS will be implemented in Alaska, Fennoscandia and Sacha in tthe beginning of April and thereafter freely acessible. A tutorial video illustrating functionalities of a first version of INFRA-AEGIS is presented below. Is a 6 minutes in length, and comments or feedback to our partners at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and the team at their Institute of Polar Sciences (CAE) who are developing the tool are very much appreciated. It is 6 minutes in length and the developing team would greatly appreciate your feedback on this guidance or experience of using the tool, so that it becomes as useful as possible for potential users.

In order to collect information useful to plan future developments and refinements you are kindly invited to answer this survey. For more information you can download the file hereThank you for your feedback!