Scoping Workshop On Data-Driven Subnational Decision-Making

by Sabrina Heerema | Published: 04-May-22 | Last updated: 04-May-22 | Tags : Arctic observation workshop | category: EVENT

On June 8th we are hosting an online workshop to bring together local, regional and national decision-makers, experts and researchers to identify key issues between pan-Arctic observation systems and the needs of sub-national authorities and agencies.

These issues will become topics for analysis and consecutive policy briefs, which we will elaborate on during the Arctic PASSION project. We are interested in learning about decision-makers' needs and possible benefits from improved pan-Arctic observation and how local and regional decision-makers can contribute to integrated circumpolar observation and monitoring. The meeting will also serve as a platform connecting local and regional decision-makers with Arctic PASSION researchers. Arctic PASSION's principle is co-production, so we would like to set the agenda for our work together with the representatives of local and regional authorities, administrations and agencies.

The event programme will open with an overview of the outputs of Arctic PASSION that are of particular relevance for the local and regional decision-making in the Arctic. We will then proceed to the discussion of

  1. Gaps and needs of decision-makers
  2. The role of national and international data platforms
  3. The challenges related to the readability of data, and
  4. The community-based observation and traditional knowledge in decision-making.

We will conclude with a discussion on which themes the project should focus in relation to the needs of subnational decision-makers.

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