Arctic Passion At The 2021 Arctic Circle Assembly

by Jan René Larsen | Published: 19-Oct-21 | Last updated: 19-Oct-21 | Tags : Arctic Assembly partners research science | category: NEWS

Arctic PASSION partners are currently participating in The Arctic Circle Assembly, the largest annual international gathering on the Arctic held annually in Reykjavik, Iceland.

A dialogue about advancing SAON'S Roadmap through regional and global capabilities was the theme of one of the sessions on 15th October, and Mikko Strahlendorff (FMI, Finland and SAON vice-chair) was invited as a speaker.

Mikko Strahlendorff is co-lead of Arctic PASSION's Work Package 6, and in his presentation, he emphasised how the WP will work to enhance international collaboration in line with SAON objectives. He also emphasised how key pilot services could advance SAON’s ROADS process, and he specifically mentioned the services ‘Arctic Service ‘Event Database of CBM Using Oral Histories, IK and LK’, ‘Pan-Arctic requirements-driven Permafrost Service’, ‘”State of the Arctic Environment” Service’, and ‘Improving Safety for Shipping in the Polar Seas’.

Mikko Strahlendorff spoke about how Arctic PASSION activities will enhance international collaboration in line with  SAON's objective. Photo: Jan René Larsen