Join Arctic Passion In The Arctic Science Summit Week 2023

by Anna Sinisalo | Published: 07-Sep-22 | Last updated: 06-Sep-22 | Tags : ASSW IASC | category: EVENT

Arctic PASSION will take part in the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2023 organized by the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) and hosted by the Austrian Polar Research Institute (APRI) in Vienna in February 2023.

The ASSW 2023 Science Symposium takes place in 21-24 February 2023 and has got the overarching theme "The Arctic in the Anthropocene". Arctic PASSION partners will convene several important sessions during the Symposium:

  • Observing the Arctic (Session ID:07)
  • Developing Shared Arctic Variables (SAVs) (Session ID:08) 
  • Integrating knowledge from regional marine observatories to pan-Arctic perspectives (Session ID:11) 
  • Building a path through the new Arctic in the age of melt-down, plastic litter and social media (Session ID:19
  • Improving intercultural and transdisciplinary collaborations in Arctic research by better understanding the value of capacity sharing - Special ECR and Arctic youth version (Session ID:21) 
  • How to improve models, observations, and collaborative approaches to understand the future biogeochemistry in the Arctic Seas (Session ID:35) 
  • Principled Data and Information Sharing in the Era of the Anthropocene (Session ID:42) 
  • The Next Phase of the Synoptic Arctic Survey (SAS) (Session ID:47)

A comprehensive list of sessions is available on the ASSW 2023 website with session descriptions. If you would like to present at the ASSW it is not too late to send in your suggestions. The call for abstracts to all sessions is open until September 20, 2022.