Collaborative Workshop At Arctic Frontiers 2023: Land Use, Reconciliation, And Justice In The Arctic

by Saara Sipola, Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) | Published: 06-Feb-23 | Last updated: 06-Feb-23 | Tags : Arctic | category: NEWS

The workshop participants. Photo: Saara Sipola

And so Arctic PASSION finally got together with its sister projects CHARTER, Arctic Hubs and JustNorth during Arctic Frontiers for a workshop hosted by NOFIMA (Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research).

It was a pleasure to have been invited for the workshop were approximately 25 project members across Europe and from three other Polar Cluster projects met in Tromsø.

After the presentation of all four projects the group was divided into three smaller groups and we spent the afternoon discussing about the Arctic environmental change, in the past, present and in the future.

Work in smaller groups. Photo: Saara Sipola

At the centre of discussions were the legacies of past harms and injustices and what existing legacies of development we can still see in the landscape. Do these legacies matter for new development and why? In addition, we discussed what are the biggest threats for the Arctic, what green transition really means, re-development of post-industrial places, about the changing ecosystems and needs for adaptation, brainstorming what win-win solutions could be available.

Discussing threats for the Arctic. Photo: Saara Sipola

We ended the workshop on dreaming about the future of the Arctic which would look more inclusive, sustainable with stable ecosystems and white winters where tourists could contribute on positive development. It was a beautiful moment to be able to share future scenarios and work together to achieve these goals eventually. 

Discussion on dreams for the future. Photo: Saara Sipola