Arctic Passion At Arctic Frontiers 2024

by Sabrina Heerema | Published: 09-Jan-24 | Last updated: 09-Jan-24 | Tags : Arctic event Polar | category: EVENT

Arctic PASSION partners will be active in the program for Arctic Frontiers: Actions & Reactions, in Tromsø, Norway from January 29th - February 1st, 2024. Arctic PASSION-relation sessions include: 

Monday January 29th 

  • 13:30: Observing Ice-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions: Changes and Effects on Interannual to Centennial Timescales, part 1, The Edge, Margarinfabrikken 2
  • 13:30: Mobilization for Horizon Europe, The Edge, Margarinfabrikken 1
  • 13:30: The Arctic in the Anthropocene, The Edge, Margarinfabrikken 3
  • 13:30: Arctic Science in the Time of Crises, The Edge, Arbeidskontoret 1&2
  • 15:30: Side event led by Patti Bruns, Secretary General of the Arctic Mayors' Forum and Arild Sundfjord, Program Leader at the Norwegian Polar Institute

"Why Environmental Observation Services Matter: A conversation with Arctic communities about how environmental information can inform climate policy." The Edge: Room Arbeidskontoret 1 & 2

To allow for continued sustainable development taking the ongoing and foreseen changes in the Arctic into account, environmental information and knowledge provisions tuned to the needs of users such as Arctic communities, municipalities, business, decision makers, scientists is required. In parallel, effective communication channels need to be established that allow for two-way interaction between users and institutions that run information services and hold the responsibility for future Arctic observing networks.

Local leaders and citizens require appropriate and knowledge-based science and in turn, information service providers need to know the user needs for a tailored response (reaction). Conversely, knowledge provision on Arctic change (action) is essential for proper reaction by local decision makers.  

This session will present three of the Arctic PASSION services and discuss the needs and requirements as seen by Arctic experts and practitioners in local and regional governance in a panel discussion and an open conversation with all session participants. 

The goal of the session is to improve the ongoing development of services developed in Arctic PASSION as well as developing ideas for an improved overall structure of a future Arctic observing system that can help tackle the challenges that lie ahead in the Arctic.

  • 17:30: Interdisciplinary poster sessions, Fram Centre, Lysgården

Tuesday January 30th

  • 09:00. Sex and Salmon - Gender Equality and fisheries, The Edge, Importkompaniet
  • 15:45: Navigating a Changing Arctic: Innovations for Sustainable Maritime Development, part 1, The Edge, Margarinfabrikken 3
  • 15:45: Healthy Marine Arctic Ecosystems. Coexistence and adaptive Management, part 2, The Edge, Arbeidskontoret 2

Thursday February 1st

  • 15:30: Wind in their sails: Leaders in ocean spaces, Fram Centre, Kompasset

We look forward to meeting you there!

Please click here for the full Arctic Frontiers program.