Arctic PASSION partners and collaborators including Indigenous Community partners will meet in person for the very first time in Denmark from June 27th-30th. 

We will use this time for work package meetings, breakout sessions on topics of relevance such as the Shared Arctic Variables (SAVs), Policy dialogue with the work package groups, meeting with Indigenous delegates, combining Indigenous Knowledge and Local Knowledge with scientific data, project communication and best practices in data management; and presentations will be given on topics such as Sámi Indigenous knowledge on salmon and views on coproduction of knowledge, the RNA CoObs project and EUPolarNet2, among others. 

It is expected that ca. 100 consortium partners will attend. While this is an invitation-only event, we will be publishing any outcomes that are relevant to mention externally. Stay tuned for more information.

You can follow the meeting remotely by following the hashtag #ArcticPassionGA2022 on social media for updates.